Au Review Concert Review

The band are loose in a punk kind of way, and certainly have as much of the same energy, but are still a tight rock outfit – in an Arctic Monkeys kind of way… With fantastic energy, a charismatic frontman, a sound wholly their own and the music to back it all up – JPNSGRLS are a band to put on your “must watch” list.” – Au Review, Crazy Elephant, Singapore. 05/23/14

JPNSGRLS perform at the Crazy Elephant_ Photo Taken from the AU Review

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Power of Pop – JPNSGRLS at Music Matters, Singapore

Great to know that life is still able to surprise me, even in this day and age. When I originally got in touch with JPNSGRLS regarding their performances at Music Matters Live ’14, all I was thinking about was getting an interview out of that contact. I seriously did not expect more than that. But from the moment, guitarist Oliver Mann recognized my name tag at the first day of the Music Matters conference (21st May) and introduced himself, it set off an unusual sequence of events where I would learn tons, enjoy awesome music and bond with four incredible young musicians!‘ – Power of Pop

JPNSGLRS with Kevin Mathews in Singapore

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Singapore Music Matters 2014 – Episode 2

JPNSGRLS get a chance to see more of the other bands at Music Matters including Oral Cigarettes (from Japan), Take Two (from Singapore) and Love x Stereo (from South Korea). Definitely one of the highlights of the festival is the opportunity to see bands from across Asia and the World.

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Singapore Music Matters 2014 – Episode 1

JPNSGRLS head to SINGAPORE to perform at Music Matters 2014!!!!! First day the band do some tourism around Singapore and then, on the second day, network heavily during the conferences before their evening performance.

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Power of Pop Interview JPNSGRLS For Music Matters 2014

Definitely one of the main highlights of Music Matters Live ’14 would be JPNSGRLS – pronounced “Japanese Girls” – a band that manages to combine the dynamic pleasures of 80s post-punk and 90s alt-rock. The band kindly answered our queries before making their way to our shores from Canada! Don’t miss them!!” -Power of Pop.

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