has premiered our latest Art Attack inspired video of Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th is one of the band’s oldest songs. Friday was first written when we were still in high school and sounded quite different than its Sharkweek reincarnation. The original also has its own music video!
When we started preparing for the Sharkweek EP we decided that the song needed a reboot if it was going to make the cut. Oliver was at the time experimenting a lot with writing on the Nintendo DS using a Japanese Software that he had found and after a couple of weeks he had come up with a new arrangement of the song on his acoustic and nintendo. Below is a video of the first time Oliver and Charlie tried out the new arrangement.
When we went into the studio we recorded Friday the 13th with the entire band and added additional instruments but the original Nintendo parts are still in the recording! Let us know which version of the song you like best!