Last November the band went to Bilbao, Spain, to perform at BIME 2013. It was absolutely one of the best experiences of our lives and we can’t wait to go back! The whole festival was 5 days long but it was split into 2 parts. The first 3 days was BIME PRO that consisted of music industry conferences and showcases. The last two days was BIME LIVE that consisted of the actual music festival, large stages, large crowds and a bunch of new fans!

To recap this year’s BIME PRO experience Last Tour has uploaded this wonderful video summarizing the event.

During the Festival we played two shows. The first was held at Kafe Antzokia as part of the festival’s Canadian Showcase. This was our opportunity to play to all the music and gamer industry folk that we had met at PRO as well as a chance to meet some of the locals.

We were shocked to see this poster of us plastered all over town! 

In no sense at all was Kafe Antzokia a cafe… It was more like a mini Vogue Theatre.

The second show was held at the Bizkaia Exhibition Centre which was the largest building we have ever seen. We were also very excited to see how big the stage we were about to play on was.

When we started playing perhaps there were about 250 people there but through our set the crowd kept on growing and by the end we were entertaining nearly a thousand people! After the concert I ran into a new fan and he showed me a collection of videos he had recorded of our set. Luckily he posted some videos on YouTube!

It was the biggest and best crowd we have had the fortune of playing to yet. I really hope we will get a chance to meet them again. It is thanks to them that our experience was so amazing and unforgettable!